Our team is made up with web experts and music passionates. We thus carry out by ourselves most of the development stages of Plemi.

Interested in being part of the adventure? We publish jobs offers on the Plemi Blog (french). Are you spontaneous? Also feel free to apply for a job.


Romain Guillot

Romain Guillot Founder & CEO of Plemi

Marketing & Business development

Frédéric de Longueau

Frédéric de Longueau Marketing director

Laëtitia Ferdinand

Laëtitia Ferdinand Concerts coordination manager

Contents & Communication

Raphaël Piéchaud

Raphaël Piéchaud Contents & editorial manager

Félicie Moreau Communication intern

Technical staff

David Guyon

David Guyon CTO

Xavier Hermans

Xavier Hermans Web developer

They used to be part of the team...